What is Zumbini ?

The Zumbini® Philosophy

Music is inherent. We all have music in us! Children are born with musical aptitude. If they are not exposed to music at an early age, this aptitude can diminish. The Zumbini® format helps them tap into this element. They learn to feel the music, feel the beat, and feel free to express themselves. This makes learning with music a natural process. Since music is fun, when we enjoy ourselves, we learn without knowing we are learning. Part of this natural learning is allowing young children to simply play and benefit from the learning that occurs in this natural setting, rather than through formal instruction. Music provides a fun, safe, yet structured play environment. This also gives them the freedom and confidence to grow as they develop their social, motor, and cognitive skills.

In Jaz's Music Room we are participating in the process of making music and moving to music. We are looking toward enjoyment and learning through the joy of music. 

ENROLLMENT For Jaz's Music Room 
Zumbini Queens starts now. Sign up for our email list today  and RSVP for a $20 Demo Class and reserve your spot today!

Silliness and wacky dance moves are not required but highly, highly  encouraged.

Give your little one a healthier, happier more enjoyable start.

Through 6-16 week sessions we not only nurture their love of movement so it becomes a way of life, but we give you a chance to nurture and bond with your child. All while having fun and nurturing your inner child as well! 

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