"Music has a power of forming the character, and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young." 


Zumbini Program

The Zumbini® program is a child-focused journey into the world of music, movement, and dance, and the natural response music provokes in both children and adults. A Zumbini® class is a celebration of the power of music to enhance our lives, stimulate learning, inspire dance and movement, and strengthen the bond between parent and child. We recognize the inherent value of learning music and movement for its own sake and we celebrate all levels of participation, including exposure, rapt observation, and primitive sound/motion production. The Zumbini® program draws upon the natural link between music and movement.


What is the Zumbini® class?

  • It is a 45-minute music and movement experience, which is developmentally appropriate for the age range of the class; every moment is a musical opportunity!

  • Designed for children 0-4 years old with a caregiver

  • Includes dancing, singing and playing instruments

  • Provides exposure to music and all of its benefits

  • A bonding experience for all involved, including caregiver to child, child-to-child, and caregiver-to-

    caregiver. The bonding occurs with the facilitation of a fun, musical environment.

  • Is filled with many original songs, created by Zumba® Fitness specifically for this class format.

  • Filled with fresh, contemporary ideas. The Zumbini® program stays responsive to current needs and trends of society.

  • Focuses on energy, fun, and play to contribute toward the natural development of cognitive, social,

    emotional, and physical skills. 

Each session includes a free Zumbini® Bundle!

An original songbook, App and music to continue the fun at home!

“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning."

- Plato

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